Chess Competition

Centenarian G.Darshan receives bouquet of greetings from everyone for his victories in:

Chess competition conducted by Virudhunagar District Chess Association-4th place

5th SCS International fide Rate Chess tournament-2nd prize

Congrats on the very much earned achievements of G.Darshan!


M.Khavin of IV-B has participated in the District Chess Tournament for boys under 10 held at Rajapalayam and secured II Rank.

Congratulations M.Khavin!

M.Khavin of IV-B and G.Darshan of I-A have participated in Ganesh Chaturthi 5th year Chess competition under 11 and bagged 2nd prize and 3rd prize respectively.

G.Inian of IV-C, G.Darshan of  I-A and Harsith of  I-A have participated in APS Chess Academy District Chess Tournament and bagged 1st prize ,III place and consolation respectively.

Congratulations winners!

Centenarians have participated in Hastunk Idhayam Fifth International FIDE rated open chess tournament in VSVN Polytechnic college,Virudhunagar.The prize winners are ,

  1. Khavin of IV-B – 3rd prize
  2. Darshan of I-A -3rd prize
  3. Inian of IV-C -4th prize
  4. Arav of II-B -2nd prize

Congratulations winners!