International English

As the children are studying in an international school, it is our centenary’s responsibility to bring the language of the children up to the international level.

Computer Science

Now we are in electronic world and our kids are very smart in handling the electronic device which plays an important role in education.


Science is a part of our daily life. Everything we do and deal with in life is science. We make our children to learn Science as an enjoyable experience because Science is an on-going process and it will continue even when the


Abacus – A math tool for brain exercise. we are practicing Abacus education for primary classes to enhance and to polish the brain functions like Concentration,

Communication skills

Communicating the intended message clearly and effectively is an important skill, which is often a key factor in deciding the chances of success.

Numerical Skill

“With me, everything turns into mathematics” -Rene Descartes.Math is an easy subject until it is taught properly.

Eye-hand co-ordination

Eye – hand coordination is the coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement. In order to improve this, we have Fine Motor Skills (FMS) and Gross Motor Skills (GMS) as part of our curriculum.

Moral and ethical values

It is widely known that today’s youth should face more challenges and issues than any other past generations of youth.

Mind concentration

Concentration exercise, sharpen the mind and improve the ability to concentrate in this interruptive exciting world we live in.

General Studies

Knowledge related to General studies is very important for students. It integrates the various aspects of personal, social, science and technology education.