Beehive Communication Club Competition

Our Centenary laureates who have brought laurels to Centenary in the Beehive Communication club competition are as follows:

  1. Vishaan of I-A -Winner in minions
  2. Suryadev of I-A -1st runner up
  3. Akshika of II-A -Winner at level I
  4. R of II-B -Winner at level I
  5. Megna of IV-A -1st runner up
  6. Jasimitha of IV-A-2nd runner up
  7. Mathangi of IV-A-2nd runner up
  8. Vithura of IV-C -1st runner up
  9. Shaam Nikesh of V-A -2nd runner up
  10. Thara Disha of V-A -1st runner up
  11. Mithra of V-A -1st runner up
  12. Yogit of V-B -1st runner up
  13. Laya Mirthika of IV-B   -1st runner up
  14. Lakshana of IV-B -1st runner up
  15. Sanjana of II-B -1st runner up
  16. Sahana of III-B -1st runner up
  17. Rajah Prathyush of IV-A -1st runner up
  18. Inimai of VIII-B-winner at level I
  19. S.Prajin of II-A- Winner at level I
  20. Sana of III-A- Winner at level I
  21. V.Sharvin of VI-A-2nd Runner up
  22. Poornashri of VII-B-1st runner up
  23. R.Jeya Viknan of IX-B-1st runner up
  24. Sathesh Sankar of IX-A-1st runner up
  25. Sri Ramana Arumugam of IX-B-1st runner up

Congratulations winners!