Centenarian’s Senior Block

Centenarian's Senior Block

KVS Managing Board’s

Dream comes true…..

KVS Managing Board had a vision of creating educated citizens in their mission. The board started their mission by launching ‘Pidi Arisi Thittam’ to elevate schools for the community. Now, KVS Managing Board has emerged as a tremendous educational institution.

Being an institution of 128 years of history, it had a dream of moulding a CBSE-school-fully equipped with latest technologies. ‘KVS Centenary was started in the year 2010.

Today 30th August 2017 is the day to extend their dream through the Inauguration of Centenarian’s Senior Block as a milestone is the outstretched history of KVS Managing Board. The dignities of Virudhunagar graced the occasion.

All the board members made their august presence in the inauguration of Centenarian’s Senior Block with innovative laboratories, for computer science, physics, chemistry, Biology and a splendid library. The seniors of Centenary VI, VII&VIII children will be accommodated in the class rooms in the senior block. The Centenarians have witnessed that the dream has becomes true.

‘Centenary on a vision to create the global citizens of tomorrow’.