Knowledge about in and around world

This will improve the child’s basic general knowledge about various topics in a very easy and interactive manner along with picture illustrations.

Creative Knowledge

Creativity is more important than knowledge. So we are enhancing our kids creativity by making them do many things on their own under, the categories Drawing, Art & Craft, Activities, Projects (in the class room with the teachers) and so on.

Numerical Knowledge

Mathematical understanding provides the foundation for numerical skills. We focus on achievement through various activities and on using and understanding languages in the development of simple pre-number concepts.  For Upper kindergartens, we are exhibiting numerical ability to count and write numbers.

Mind concentration

Concentration exercise, sharpen the mind and improve the ability to concentrate in this interrupt exciting world we live in. Trying to do anything that requires concentration often brings intense frustration, anxiety and demoralization. So we are helping our children to develop concentration skills at an early age with effective focus towards Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Minute Activities, Meditation, Classical Music etc…


We have recitation as part of our curriculum in order to improve their memory. It is very important to expose young children to poetry recitation, because it helps build the foundation for learning to read as they are exposed to the sounds and rhythms of language in an enjoyable way.

Computer world

Now-a-days, the technology plays a vital role in our life. So, we encourage our young buddies to march along with technology by various teaching techniques.

Moral and ethical values

As this is the first step of societal life for kids, we are addressing the moral development of the child, especially the caring and compassionate aspects of morality. Values are the principles we use to define which is right, good and just. So we are inculcating the moral and ethical values in their young age such as caring, giving, sharing, honesty, responsibility, patriotism, respect, forgiveness, integrity etc.,

Eye Hand co-ordination

Hand – eye co-ordination is an important skill required in all sorts of real life. It is otherwise called visual motor. We are improving our children’s visual motor ability by making them do various activities under the two major categories FMS (Fine Motor Skills) and GMS (Gross Motor Skills).