Principal’s Message

“Each soul is potentially divine”

It is strongly believed that every child of this universe is potentially talented in one or many fields. Every parent wants to see their child’s growth in all domains. Here at our Kshatriya Vidhyasala Centenary School, our prime responsibility lies in empowering the children through multifaceted skills along with a deep foundation in academics.

           Of course, we create a platform for our Maverick kids to cherish & flourish so that any challenge in their life can be easily sorted out. Modern technology is ruling the entire world, through this technology our children can face any competitive examinations, which may be of State, National & International levels.

           As per our policy, we explore the inborn talent of every child, be it in academics or sports & games, at the same time at our campus every child will develop their communication and presentation skills.

             My basic responsibility lies in enforcing the discipline and the culture of our students. We always strive for the best practices that would develop good rapport among the parent & teachers that blend will make every child a good learner.

              At our campus, undoubtedly every child will be directed towards the right discipline, proper values, a strong foundation of academics, usage of updated technology, and physical activities for mind, soul & body. The Ultimate goal is to make every child of Centenary a perfect humane.

                        Looking forward to meeting you at our campus…..


H.Sankar. M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., D.C.H., P.G.D.C.M